Project Description

In March 2022, a seminar around cyberbullying took place in Copenhagen, in Denmark. It is a project organized with 6 European countries (France, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Italy) and Erasmus+. Young people from those countries met to understand what cyberbullying is and to see how we can sensibilize and act in this kind of situation. Some workshops were organized to talk about it and some speakers gave their knowledge on the subject. This project leaded to the creation of an app and a website. The app has games to understand what cyberbullying is, and tips to know how to act in front of a situation. The website has many tools to learn more about the subject.

Already working with vulnerable people :

Some of the people who participated in this project were already helping people in their work or their volunteering. They found in this seminar a way to increase their knowledge on the cyberbullying question to learn even more correctly how to act and how to understand this kind of situation.



Do we talk about cyberbullying in your country ?

How is treated cyberbullying in other European countries ? Here is the answer ! A way to have a global perspective on this topic.



It can happen to everyone :

Cyberbullying is not only happening in movies. It this important to understand that it can happens to everyone, and faster than we think. We must be careful around us to prevent this kind of problem.



It is usually unnoticed and misunderstood :

Nikola, a psychologist, explains how a lack of knowledge can make the situation worse for the bullied. It is not simple to solve cyberbullying, especially as a parent, so it is important to take time to understand the problem, and then find some solution. Remember that everyone lives it differently.



What actions to fight cyberbullying ?

After the seminar, the goal is to organize something in the respective country. A workshop is a nice way to sensibilize people to cyberbullying as it offers a large choice of activities to do. It is important to address this message to everyone, not only to teenagers.



By Elia