An european project

This website has been created in the framework of the European project #YouthAgainstCyberbullying in 2021.

This project, which brings together 6 countries (France, Denmark, Serbia, Italy, Croatia and Hungary), aims to fight against toxic online speech (hate speech, discrimination, insults, threats, image/video sharing, etc.) and more specifically cyberbullying. The aim is to raise awareness among young Europeans to adopt better online behaviour.

Committed partners

ARCI (Italia)

ARCI Liguria is the regional committee of ARCI, a national association which is, presently, the biggest independent association for the promotion of social values, culture and civil rights in the country thanks to the enormous potential that resides within the over 300 clubs and 50.000 plus members affiliated. Hence, ARCI and ARCI Liguria represent a network whose well-grounded structure enhances democratic participation and social integration on multiple levels.
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Ceméa (France)

CEMEA (Centers for Active Education Training Methods) is an association involved in Popular Education for over 80 years, in all fields of Education and social work: educaional leisure, education for young children, schooling, integration of disabled people, cultural practices, social and professional insertion, environmental education, international relationships in education. CEMEA integrates training into general developmental stategies. It defends a philosophy of progressive education, whose principles are applied to situations where each child, teenager or adult can become more conscious of the surrounding world and develop one’s own individual and social skills.
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FIC (Danmark)

Forum for International Cooperation is an international non-profit organization (NGO) operating in Denmark, Europe and East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) since 1995 FIC aims at realizing global equality and solidarity by increasing and developing people´s social, economical and democratic rights and promoting opportunities for better life conditions, regardless of their backgrounds or origins. Thus, FIC´s projects are focused on the area of lifelong education; improvement of working conditions and labour rights; youth and senior employment; integration of emigrants; inclusion of women in the labour market; intercultural dialogue in Denmark, Europe and Africa; raise awareness of these issues on the national and international level. Its values are based on the UN and Human Rights Conventions, the EU Charter for Fundamental Rights and ILO´s Conventions on Labour Rights.
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IDC (Serbia)

IDC is a group of enthusiasts led by the principles of solidarity, active inclusion, equal rights, decent jobs and satisfied people. These principles are integrated in all our programs and activitieswhich we continually keep on innovating. IDC conduct projects in 10 different cities in Serbia, and work with vulnerable social groups, mainly those are below the poverty threshold and united with them we are trying to fight for the higher degree of social inclusion. Starting from the establishment, more than several thousands of beneficiaries have passed through our programs, beneficiaries who participated in some of our projects.
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Progressive (Hungary)

The Institute for Transformation’s vision is a just society and sustainable democracy. The Institute for Transformation – formerly known as the Progressive Economic Policy Foundation – is a think tank that aims to advance the cause of a just, democratic and sustainable Hungary through bold visions, events, campaigns and pilot projects. Their fields of action are: labour affairs, social welfare, education, migration, etc.
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Solidar (guest partner – Belgique)

The SOLIDAR Foundation is the cooperation platform of SOLIDAR; a European and worldwide network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. SOLIDAR brings together 60 member organisations based in 25 EU members states and in 6 candidate countries. We work together in Social Affairs, International Cooperation and Education & Lifelong Learning.
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Solidarna (Croatia)

SOLIDARNA, Croatian foundation, for human rights and solidarity, was established in 2015. The founders are convinced that the promotion and protection of human rights – freedom of expression, assembly and association, the right to work, the right to a home, the right to a healthy environment and the right to basic public goods – requires sustained efforts, creativity and strong resistance to all kinds of pressures.
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