Project Description

Introduction of the International Education Film Festival (FIFE)

The International Education Film Festival is a film festival that takes place for 5 days every year in Evreux, France. Whether it is dramas or documentaries, shorts or feature films, live action or animated films, the festival’s programme is very diverse in order to reach a wide audience (educators, young audience, families, teachers…).

What is an « Education film » ? A film that encourages the audience to reflect on and question the world and society through life and coming-of-age stories of children, youth and adults.

Last, but not least, the festival is also an opportunity to discuss social issues during round tables, film debates and meetings between the world of cinema and education. Decentralized editions take place throughout France during the year in order to perpetuate this educational approach.

How to set up a film debate to talk about cyberbullying :

The film debate is an opportunity to work on one’s critical mind, to discover films, to discuss about it.

How to lead a debate ?

A debate attempts to allow everyone to express themselves and express their opinion on any subject. Each participant is asked to express his point of view and to argue on the basis of his own knowledge and personal experience.

The way the debate is conducted has an impact on its outcome. For example, a debate with young people could be complicated, as they may have difficulty getting out of the “learner” posture and becoming an “actor” in the debate.

As a facilitator, your role will be to get the word among the discussants. You don’t want to debate with them, but rather to encourage them to exchange, dialogue and express their ideas. In addition, your contributions, knowledge on the subject can help to enrich the debate if it is useful.

Preparing for the debate :

Learning more about cyberbullying : there is no need to be an expert, it is mainly a matter of being able to accompany the discussants and clearly identify the possible answers to the initial problem.

Preparing the space : the layout of the classrooms does not facilitate exchanges. It is better to set up a round or U-shaped arrangement, which is much more conducive to initiating a discussion.

Leading the debate :

Before launching the debate, it is important to define a few rules to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Ground Rules :

– Ask for the floor

– Listen to the speaker

– Do not interrupt

– Speaking times must not exceed 2 minutes per person

– Adopt a good attitude and do not use abusive or hateful language

Organizing speaking turns :

If you have few participants, it is possible to let everyone speak freely. Otherwise, you should rather organize speaking turns. For example, you can keep a list, on which you will note the names of people who wish to speak.

When a person wishes to speak, he or she should raise his hand and wait for the moderator to give it to them. In order for everyone to express himself, when a person wishes to speak for the first time, he or she will have priority over others who have already spoken.

Stimulating the debate :

An awkward silence is coming? Don’t worry, here are a few tips to get the debate going again.

– Repeat a question asked by one of the participants, and address it to the whole group or to one participant

– Ask a question that has not been answered again: “Earlier we were talking about the fact that…

– Summarize some of the discussion and offer to react to it

Conduct of the session :

Presentation of the session and introduction of the film to the participants (10 minutes)

Screening of the film

Discussion about cyberbullying (30 minutes)

Conclusion (10 minutes)

Short film ideas :

Toni_with_an_i by Marco Alessi | 2019 | UK | Fiction | 12 min

A young teenager does not fit in at school. Then, the Internet comes to save her.

Virtuelle by Léopold Kraus Virtual | 2019 | France | Fiction | 23 min

Alice is like everybody else at her age ; her life is split between reality and social media. One day, her ex-boyfriend posts one of their sex tapes online to get revenge…

I follow you by Jonatan Etzler | 2015 | Sweden | Fiction | 3 min

Anna bumps into Jesper on the crowded morning train. She has never seen him before, but it turns out that he knows everything about her. A short film about the social media and surveillance in postmodern society.


By Pierre